The Gift of Food to the Hungry is the Noblest

The Focus

The focus is on hunger alleviation and lifesaving through providing food to the destitute, deprived, and the most underprivileged in society.

The Process

The process involves setting up centres at locations identified on the basis of socio-economic and area profiles and feed atleast 1,000 persons at every such centre. This is an initiative implemented directly by SSHT.

The Magnitude

  • Daily poor feeding (NARAYANA SEVA) of the disabled, elderly, malnourished women and children
  • 33 locations in 3 states, feeding over 30,000 needy every month
  • Over 20,00,400 served till date
  • 50+ food packets to the homeless mendicants in Chennai daily
  • Narayanaseva is conducted at 15 villages around Puttaparthi, 14 villages in Hindupur,  and 1 village in Karnataka.

It is envisaged to set up ten centralized kitchens by 2025 to cover 3.6 million persons.

The Impact

The program ensures:

  • Eradication of hunger
  • Prevention of socio-economic evils associated with hunger
  • Positive physical and emotional impact on the beneficiaries
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